Do you know your Soul Song? Do you know what it is? There is a soul signature blueprint within each of us, a unique song that is sung within the Music of the Spheres (the Universal Song), each song when it is sung together, the harmony and melody of which creates the Sheekna Ayjana or Universal Heart, the Universal Song of our Kaeranah (OneSoul). It is AmaSing!

There is a big difference between your REAL name of your soul and your earthly name in any one of the many lives lived. Our name given whence birthed into any given life is not our real name, it is our earthly name for that life, yet it is free from being who we are in energetic vibrational frequency essence as Soul.

From the time before time within the infiniteness of the Master Artist/God, this Source energy is energy, is vibration, is energy vibrating. This energy vibrational frequency then became sound. The first sound of the universe which is the primordial sound of all creation is the OM or AUM. From that vibrating energy of all of creation, each soul that births forth from the Creator is thus given a vibratory signature so as to be recognised by its own soul song, its own vibratory frequency resonance. When you hear and vibrate with your soul signature name, your soul song, it brings you back to the core essence of who you are as Source itself. It brings you back home. This is a form of singing of your soul song through mantra is a way in which you experience a deep connection with your own heart and soul. And when the mantra of your soul signature name your soul song stops, your mind is then quiet. You can be completely immersed in the sound reverberating of your own soul, with no words to distract the mind, you are left with being within the stillness of the heart where the magic of who you really are is revealed to you within and the connection with all. When your soul song is sung to you of your soul signature name, the vibratory resonance of who you really are, anything that is within your being in this life and in all other lives multi~dimensionally that appears to be less than this or other than this, is then shifted back into this wholeness of who you are. So for instance say you are dealing with an dis~ease that your soul chose for this life and that you soul also chose to heal in this life, the vibratory essence of vibrating with the frequency of hearing and singing your soul song will heal that dis~ease within you simply by you remembering who you are.

Would you like to know what your Soul Song, your Soul Signature name is, what it means, and how coming into the Song of your Soul can actually heal you and your life? Within a Soul Song session, we will examine all you have been told, let go of that which insults your Soul to bring you into who you really are. Being that I access the Akasha (or aka the Akashic Records) and also Source/God itself directly, each session includes~ your Soul Song (soul signature name) sung to you in a healing mantra format to transform your body and soul, what your Soul Song means, details about your soul's blueprint, soul's theme, soul's path and progression, your star origins, any relevant lives lived on this earth and in all dimensions/universes/parallel universes/parallel dimensions that are relevant for you now in your path for this life, your soul agreements in this life and other lives, your soul purpose and life purpose for this life, and any questions (up to 8 questions in an MP3 audio recorded sessions sent to you for you to keep of what channels through, as many as we can cover in one hour phone/video phone, in person, and group sessions) that you desire to know about who you are and your soul's path for this life. 

~Testimonies from those whom have had a Soul Song session~

"I've been listening to your reading over and over for the past 4 days and it has given me such a vibrational shift, I'm in awe that something like this can happen!......I've recorded the part where you sang Justyne's soul name and mine on my mobile phone. Now Justyne does not stand listening to sustained notes, she equates them with someone shouting at her and usually bursts out crying. Not this time: as soon as she heard you sing, she was all smiles, looked really excited, and it was like the biggest birthday present ever was given to her. She was so happy, and keeps reacting like this every time I put the recorded piece on. And we've grown closer for the past 4 days that even my mum has commented about it......Is it a coincidence that both my soul name and Justyne's start with 'kae'? I know that my name sounds a lot like the 'Kalahari' desert, and now I understand why I felt like floating the day I heard it in geography class when I was 13.....Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's such a pleasure to listen to the reading over and over, and so healing. Heaps of blessings to you!! Mary / Kaelaharaha" ~Excerpts from a letter from Dr. Mary Muscat from Malta, upon having her Soul Song session for her and her daughter who has cerebral palsy

"Wow intense energy. I have listened two times to your audio and it is a big shift for me of something happening. So a feeling of walking on water....." ~Excerpt from a letter from Teri Fogel upon receiving her Soul Song session

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Allow me now to take you on the Sacred Path of what we say in Lemuria is the Sheekna Ayjana (Universal Heart) and of the Kaeranah (OneSoul) of amaSingness that you are. Through the musical message of the soul of your soul, we will come into heart co~HEARance (hearing the heart of love), bringing you into heart centred connection and communion; coming into YOUnion with YOU! Contact me to book in a session!

~Scheduling a Soul Song Session~


If you wish to schedule a Soul Song session with me, Soul Song sessions can be done as follows~

In person (depending on your area where you are) such is done in a one on one in person session

In groups of an afternoon or evening LovingRoom event (please connect with us to schedule such)

.Via Skype, Facebook Messenger, google phone or telephone in a one hour session (also available via Skype video phone and google hangout)

Via MP3 download audio recording that is yours to keep (most popular option so you can listen to such again and again)

As this is my life's work and the only means by which I have for obtaining provisions in my life, as the Spiritual Minister I Am, through my Diamondlight Spiritual Oneness Centre, I humbly request that all sessions given (*with the exception of group sessions and retreats) within the spirit of energy exchange of a Love Offering in financial contribution so I may be able to continue to be in service to all of humanity

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