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Below here is a little bit about me and my spiritual gifts related to Soul Song. Enjoy~

Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea, is part of the Counsel of 12 in Lemuria. A songstess since the age of 8 and speaking, writing, and channeling Lemurian language since the age of 6, part of Nenari's charge on this earth is that she knows each soul on this earth's soul signature name (Soul Song), their soul's blueprint, soul theme, soul's path and progression, your star origins, and all their lives lived on this earth and in all dimensions/universes/parallel universes/parallel dimensions and is able to give such a gift through channeling and song to you in Soul Song Sessions. Her voice soothes even the most haunted and lost souls freeing all into their Soul and their SoulSong. She is also an Intuitive Heart Sound Healing Harpist of over 15 years. Being the tributary who brings the gift of each Soul's Song as the Princess of the Sea, Lady Nenari is this Sea of Pure Love. She is a Soul Artist, simply channeling through the Master Artist (Source/God/All That Is, whatsoever you choose to call this Source energy Creator that created All That Is) and through accessing the Akasha (aka Akashic records, which Akasha in Lemurian means Light records or records of All That Is). Her album Song of the Princess, the Lemurian Light of Love was number one for two years after its release in Vernon, BC Canada http://www.reverbnation.com/nenariprincessofthesea. Her song Sheekna Ayjana has over 35,000 plus views on it since its release and is the sacred universal heart of the cosmos SoulSong that many resonate with as it helps them remember and BE who they really are.

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Music is the song of the heart/soul. Follow your heart, follow your passion, follow your bliss. Let your heart sing and dance in co~creation






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